Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015- A Week Full of Miracles

Hola Familia y Amigos!
This week was probably one of the best working weeks of this
transfer. Last Monday we had a really good lesson with a new
investigator named M. He just recently moved from the Dominican
Republic to here about a month or so ago. He was taught by
missionaries there and already has a really strong testimony that the
Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. A cool
experience that we had with him was when we taught him on Saturday
night he flat out told us at the end of the lesson (of course in
Spanish) " I don't know if you guys believe me but I already know that
the Book of Mormon is true." It was a super cool experience to see his
testimony of the restored Gospel and it was only the second lesson
that we had with him. On Tuesday we were on exchanges with the
District Leader and it was a super good exchange to be able to
evaluate how we have been working in the area and other aspects of
missionary work. He helped me to understand that a lot of the times
when things are super slow is to just tract doors even though it is
not the most effective way to find new people it still is a finding
tool. That helped me to realize that that is something that I can work
on and that if I don't do all that I can the Lord can't bless us with
all the awesome miracles and blessings that He has for us. So I am
looking forward to this upcoming week to be able to work even more in
this area that I have been for about 7 months.
On Wednesday we had the opportunity to be able to go and help an
Hermana in the ward de paint her porch and it was a good opportunity
to be able to talk to her less-active son,  J so it was a good
service opportunity. We were able to have a lesson with V. this
week! That is the second week in a row! We were supposed to have a
lesson with her on Tuesday but she called us an hour before the lesson
and canceled because some freak thing happened and she fell and hurt
her self. Luckily she was feeling way better on Thursday and we were
able to teach. It was a good lesson just please pray for her health
because that is  something that is keeping her from coming to Church.
On Sunday we had the opportunity to go over to the Castillo's house
for dinner. Hermana Castillo is a recent convert that was baptized the
Saturday before I got here to Lawrence and she and her family were my
first member meal and lesson in the Mission field so we are super
close. It was great to be able to go over and just see the progress
that the whole family has made since I got here, and it has been a
blessing to see them progress.
I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ and that through
applying the principles from the Book of Mormon and the teachings of
the Latter-Day Prophets and Apostles we can have happiness and peace
in this world that is just pure crazy. I know that as we come with
open hearts and with questions to General Conference that the Lord
will bless us with the comfort and answers that we are looking for.  I
would invite anyone that reads this to take time to listen to or watch
General Conference and bring one question as you are watching and
paying close attention the Lord will bless you with an answer. I hope
you all have a great week!
-Elder Espinoza
Here is a picture of the Trio and Hermana Castillo and her Daughter
Angie (who was also  baptized with her.) (Elder Peterson is behind
ELder Bills on the Right)

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