Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 5, 2015 - Transfers...Going to English

Hola Familia y Amigos!
    This week or today actually will be my last day in Lawrence, Mass
for a little while now and so I am super bummed about that. I have
been here since the start of my mission which has been 7 and half
months and it has been a blast. I am looking forward to the
opportunity to be able to see a different side of missionary work in
my new are which I will tell you about next week. Even though we did
not have too many lessons it was a super spiritual and uplifting week
this week. With General Conference at the end of it and the things
that I have heard it makes me want to be an even better disciple of
our Savior. Something cool that I learned over conference was that a
disciple of Jesus Christ is someone who keeps on trying to follow the
path of the Savior even though the world and its teachings may seem
easier. I know that the path of our Savior is the easiest road to
peace and happiness not only in this life but more importantly in the
eternal life that can and will be ours as we follow the teachings of
our Modern day Prophet and Apostles, as well as the teachings found
within the Gospel. I know that we have a modern day prophet who guides
us in these days and that through reading the Book of Mormon and
daily prayer we can have greater peace and happiness int this life.
Have a great week!
- Elder Espinoza
     Here are some pictures of the entire Zone during General
Conference and a picture with V( who by the way is doing

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