Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 26, 2016 - Not Snowed in, Just went to the House of the Lord

Hola Familia y Amigos!

    First off congratulations to Melanie and it is also a bitter
moment I am sure because I can not imagine that yet but I know my time
will come.
     This week was a little hard because my companion got a leg
infection so we had to stay inside pretty much the entire week. But we
were able to go to the Church on Wednesday and be apart of a world
wide missionary broadcast. It was super awesome and I learned so much
about how I can improve not only during the mission but after the
mission as well. No snow this week at all even though we were told
that we were supposed to get 2 feet Lawrence was saved. It is kinda of
unfortunate because I would have loved to be able to help people
shovel here in Lawrence but it is probably a great blessing that it
didn't because now it gives Elder Bills and I the opportunity to work
this week. We also had the great blessing of being able to go to the
Boston Temple today and that is the reason why I am writing all of you
today. I know that as I continue to serve the Lord for this last year
of my mission with all my heart, might, mind, and strength that I will
be blessed with greater understanding of the Gospel and the Atonement
or sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope that all of you are
doing great and continue to serve our Savior.
-Elder Espinoza
Picture of the Temple:

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week was better than the past few we were able to teach more than
two lessons this week! At the beginning of the week we went on
Exchanges and I was able to serve in the south of Lawrence for a
couple days and it was super awesome! I was so happy to have been able
to see that some of the investigators that I had while I was here were
still investigating and even though they aren't making a ton of
progress they are still trying to learn and grow. We saw J as well
and we were able to set up a return appointment with her which was
really cool. After exchanges we were able to work in our area and get
some things done. We also this week had zone interviews and it was
great. I learned a lot about how I can better myself and make this
last year of my mission the best. Also on Saturday we had a awesome
lesson with Junior we taught him the restoration and it went great.
Unfortunately that same night he told us that he doesn't want to
continue because he realized that our church isn't the same as his. I
know that as we continue to help people even if they don't accept the
gospel that not only will they be blessed but we are blessed for the
efforts that we put in. Hope you all have a great week.
-Elder Espinoza

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January 11, 2016 - Week 2 of 2016!!

Hola Familia y Amigos!
    This week was pretty slow and I am still trying to get my bearings
in a new part of Lawrence but it is really great to be back and
practice my Spanish. We had an awesome contact a few days ago his name
is L and his wife's name is I. and we were able to set up a return
appointment with them for tomorrow but we had to switch the time
because we are going to be going on Exchanges so we stopped by their
house to switch the time and they invited us into their home and were
super nice and said that we could come on Thursday at 6:30 so please
pray that we will be able to have that appointment. Also big mission
news is that transfers have been extended to 7 weeks instead of the
normal 6! I don't have too much information right now on how that is
going to change when I return home but when we find out more
information on that I will let you all know.

     I am super grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve the
people here and I know that this Gospel is true. I know that through
pray and studying the scriptures we can find more comfort and peace
than without them. Have an awesome week.
-Elder Espinoza

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January 4, 2016 - He Regresado

Hola Familia y Amigos!    This week I was transferred and came back to Lawrence! I am super
happy to be back and I am serving with Elder Bills again. He was my
companion before I left Lawrence. It is super awesome to be back but
it is also weird because everyone in the district has less than a year
in the mission. I am also surprised at how much Spanish I have
remembered considering that I haven't really spoken it in 3 months. I
am serving in North Lawrence now and the work up here is a little
different than when I was in the south because everything up here is
so much closer and in the south things are a little bit more spread
out down there. We had a really good lesson with a less active, Carmen
Mateo, we taught the Restoration and she has an awesome testimony. The
reason why she has not come to church recently is because she works on
Sunday's. This Sunday though she was called into work and she told
them that she was not going because she was going to church and she
came and on top of that she bore her testimony! It was so great to see
her there and how happy she was to be there. It also finally snowed
here in New England on transfer day which was Tuesday and so I got to
transfers super late because it dumped a ton in Maine. Because of the
snow and the current weather I finally had to pull out my big winter
coat which I did not have to do until Wednesday so I finally will be
able to experience a New England winter.   
The beginning of winter in Gardiner Maine.

 I am grateful to be serving the Lord and to help others to come
closer to Him through the restored Gospel. I love the Book of Mormon
and know with my whole heart and soul that it is true and that if
anyone will pray and ask God with real intent and faith in Christ you
will receive an answer. Have an awesome week and keep serving people
as best as you can!
-Elder Espinoza

December 28, 2015 - Transfers

Hola Familia y Amigos!
     This week was not the best week of missionary work but it was a great week being a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ! We were able to invite people to learn about Him and do all that we can to have served others during this week of Christmas. I have learned that the true spirit of Christmas comes as we make more time to help and serve others than the music or anything else we do during this season. I have come to know even deeper for myself that the true gift and only one that really is of any worth is the Saviors Atoning sacrifice, personal ministry and the opportunity we have to apply that deeper into our lives as we follow him is of the greatest worth. I love Him and I love this Gospel. I am grateful for the chance that I have to serve the people here in New England for these two years now it is only 13 months! I can not believe it but I know that my service to Him has only just begun because it doesn't stop when these two years do but it truly begins with the end of these two years. It is like an MTC for life and the true mission comes after. I am grateful for all of you once again and have an awesome week!
-Elder Espinoza