Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 24, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week was really great even though it was the last week of the
transfer. But to start off we had a really great experience this past
Tuesday with service at our Elders Quorum's house. So our Elders
Quorum President's  name is Hermano T and he is building a big
gazebo next to his house and we mixed concrete by hand with shovels.
It was probably one of the hardest service projects I have done so far
on my mission but it was definitely rewarding. Wednesday we had
Interviews with President and had a really great zone meeting about
charity and how we can better ourselves as followers and servants of
Jesus Christ. It was a great meeting and I learned a lot about the
missionary I want to become by the end of my mission. On Thursday we
had a great day. We had two really good lessons with investigators.
One named V. V. She went to Temple Square and gained a crazy
testimony about the Book of Mormon and the Church. She is super
prepared and loves the Gospel. We gave her the Plan of Salvation
pamphlet to read and she read it all and had some good questions.
There was a really spiritual experience that we had with her. We were
talking about family history and she told us a really cool story that
when she was like 14 her grandpa always said "V, you're going to
be the one who saves us" and when we told her about proxy baptisms she
said "this is God giving me that opportunity." That was a really great
experiences and a show that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ.

Saturday we got transfer calls. When we get transfer calls and
President calls that means that one of us was either going to train or
becoming a leader. Well my Companion, Elder P is getting
transferred and training another missionary as well as becoming
District Leader. So President trusts him a lot. Also exciting news I
am staying in Lawrence 3 (the area that I have been in since I got to
the mission field) and I am going to be in a trio. I think it will be
fun because I have a pretty good idea who my other two companions are
going to be and we should get a lot of work done. Also yesterday we
got to go up to the Joseph Smith Memorial and it was a great trip a
lot of people were able to go and V. was able to go as well and
she loved the trip.

I know that this is the work of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that
as we strive to live as best as we can to follow the commandments of
God that we can have a conviction that not only Christ is our Savior
and Redeemer but that through Him we can live together with our
Families for eternity. I also know that if we want to be a true
follower of our Savior we need to find opportunities to show true love
or charity to others which if we want to have the pure love of Christ
we need to serve others as much as possible. I would invite all of you
to read Moroni 7 that chapter can be found in the Book of Mormon it
teaches us how we can develop the attribute of charity and what
charity means. Have a great week and go out and serve others as much
as possible.
-Elder Espinoza

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