Monday, January 2, 2017

March 21, 2016 - Snow?

Hola Familia y Amigos
    This week we had an awesome Zone Conference on keeping the Sabbath
Day Holy and what that means. It was great also because we talked
about how we can keep it holy on and when we finish our missions.
Something cool that I learned is that the  Sabbath is a sign between
us and the Lord. Meaning that if we want to show our greatest love to
God on his day then we need to be doing all that we can on this day to
serve him. Which means to serve others, read the scriptures, go to
church and partake of the sacrament. As we do these things and focus
that day specifically on spiritual things we will grow in our
knowledge of the purpose in life, where we came from, and where we are
going! I love the Sabbath Day and I would invite all of us to find new
ways that we can more keep it holy.

     Also this week Bernardo was not feeling very good on Monday and
we weren't able to have any lessons with him this week because he said
that he had stomach pains. So he went to the Doctor because it was
hurting him pretty bad and they found out that he had something wrong
with his Gallbladder so they had to do an operation to take out
"stones" that were in his Gallbladder. We went over yesterday and gave
him a blessing. Hopefully he will recover quickly but it is looking
like we are going to have to postpone his baptism which would have
been this weekend but it's alright because things happen for a reason
and I know that the Lord will take care of everything. Also a funny
thing that happened while we were giving the blessing is that as we
were blessing him his mom was there. She is 94 years old and a little
bit senile. She was screaming the entire time "Why are they baptizing
him he's already been baptized!" And Bernardo's wife Belkis was trying
to get her to be quiet but she wouldn't so we had to re-start the

     Other than that it was just a normal week in missionary life and
I love being a missionary. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he
loves us. Have an awesome week.
-Elder Espinoza
It also randomly snowed last night.

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