Monday, January 2, 2017

March 7, 2016 - Two Weeks of Fun

Hola Familia y Amigos!
   Well a lot has happened in two weeks so let's get right into it. 2
Sunday's ago during Ward Council we found out that a less active who
is returning (his name is Bernardo) that we are working with, his
records were lost and there is nothing that says that he was ever a
member other than his own testimony so we have the fortunate blessing
on the 26 of March to see him baptized! He is really awesome and loves
to serve the missionary by giving us rides on P-day and feeding us
after appointments. I love this man he is so awesome and I can't wait
until he is able to go to the temple which is his own personal goal.
We have a temple trip planed for all recent converts and others who
are able to go to the Temple on April 23 and Bernardo has that as his
goal to go on that date so that is super awesome.

     Also 2 weeks ago we were able to have a awesome lesson with
Edgar. We shared about the introduction to the Book of Mormon and he
already feels that it is true. It is really cool because even though
we have only had two lessons with him he already feels the
truthfulness of the message. He really wanted to come to church two
Sunday's ago but we weren't able to talk to him on Saturday night when
we were supposed to have another lesson with him so he wasn't able to
come. Also a bummer about this situation right now is that every time
we go by now his family answers the door and either says he is not
home or they don't even come and answer which has been hard but we
have faith that we will have contact with him again. Please pray for
him and that we will be able to have contact with him.

     Also two weeks ago one of our members in our Area name Josefina
invited her friend Felix to hear the lessons which is super cool
because that is what we are trying to accomplish as a mission right
now is to have every member invite one person to hear the lessons in
their home. It is really awesome that she has that desire to continue
trying to find others to learn and have the lessons in her home. I
would invite all to either hear the message of the restoration or if
you already know that it is true to invite someone that you know to
hear and figure out if it is true because I know that there is nothing
in this world that can bring so much joy and happiness as this message
brings to me.

      Last week was a little bit rough because Elder Bills has a sore
throat and is a little sick still. He wasn't feeling very well the
last end of the week and when we we t out to start working it was hard
for him to breath while walking. He is doing better now and we should
be able to work all week this week and onward. Please pray for him
that he will stay healthy so that we can have a good last three weeks
of this transfer.

      As far as miracles go for last week we were able to teach Belkis
and Bernardo  the Word of Wisdom and they accepted that and are
willing to follow it. Belkis is Bernardo's wife and she has been
taught all the lessons but something is holding her back from baptism.
I know that as she continues to study just as anyone that the answers
to all question will come and the way they come is through sincere
pray and reading from the scriptures everyday.

     I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve others and to be
able to see the joy that brings the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ
into the life of someone who has had troubles and difficult trials. I
know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ that we can be lifted
up into a higher state of joy than anything the world can give you in
order to supplement the eternal joy that comes through repentance and
the sincere desire to continue on the straight and narrow path which
is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that
he is our Savior and Redeemer and that  our Heavenly Father loves and
knows each and everyone of us individually and perfectly. Have an
awesome week!
- Elder Espinoza
Last week we were helping a member do service and a raccoon was in
their storage unite that we were helping to clean out. Here's a
picture of the raccoon.

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