Monday, January 2, 2017

February 1, 2016 - Work! Work! Work! There is nothing better then work!

Hola Familia y Amigos!

      This week was a lot better than last! We were able to work
because Elder Bills' infection healed! The day we went out we were
blessed with an awesome miracle. We were looking for someone named
Anthony and he didn't live there but we invited the people that
answered the door to learn and they let us in. Their names are Marisel
and Ramon and they seemed really interested and we have an appointment
with them tonight at 6. Also this week we were able to visit with a
less active Bernardo. We brought Bishop and Bishops wife with us and
the lesson went well and at the end he said that he and his wife (his
wife Belkis, who isn't a member and is our investigator) would be at
church this Sunday. They came to Church which was super awesome and
they stayed for all three hours! It was a great relief and blessing to
see them at church because we have only taught  them together once and
Bernardo twice now. Also we were able to get in contact with a less
active name Nina and we hd a good lesson with her and have an
appointment with her for Friday. I am so grateful that even though we
didn't work in our area for a week because Elder Bills couldn't walk
that the Lord saw how hard we worked and blessed us with the
opportunity to be instruments in his hands and see these miracles.
   I know that through our Faith that great things are brought to pass
especially as we work to achieve the goals that we have set. I know
that through Jesus Christ we are given the strength and the capacity
to do all that is required of us. I know that Jesus Christ lives, and
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that through
reading it and abiding by what it teaches will can come to understand
our purpose in life and come closer to God. Hope you all have a great
-Elder Espinoza
By the way it is 50 degrees here in Lawrence! It is definitely not winter!

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