Saturday, April 25, 2015

Feb 12, 2015 Week 3 in the CCM

Que pasa! How is everyone? I am loving the CCM and learning a lot everyday still trying to get the Spanish language down but it is becoming second nature to me every time I teach, learn, and talk I know that the Lord is helping me everyday. This past week has been great on Tuesday we had a Seventy come and give an amazing talk on how if the Spirit is not with us we cannot hope to teach let alone teach in another language. I have seen that already and I am not out in the field yet, I also know that when we are humble and come unto Christ we can be comforted and the Lord will give us words to speak when it is the right time for them. My companion who I didn't mention in my first email is named Elder Casanova. We always joke around about his name and whenever we see and talk to native Spanish speakers they always joke around and call him a womanizer which is pretty funny. Hope everything is going well and great to hear form you all may the Lord bless you, find opportunities to share the Gospel whenever you can and love the scriptures.

Elder Espinoza

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