Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June 23, 2015 -

Hola familia y amigos como están todo?
         This week was really good  even though a we weren't able to
see to many investigators we had really good lessons with those that
we did visit. Well the highlights from this week:
    We did a lot of service this week mostly for one person; a
Catholic Father so it was interesting to be able to talk with him and
be able to serve someone who was not an investigator. Also we had an
awesome Father's Day party that we got invited to that the ward put
together and one of our investigator families went and had a great
time. And today was probably one of my favorite days on the mission so
far because we were able to go to the Boston Temple which was really
amazing. It was great to be able to feel the Spirit that is there and
be able to not really have to worry about anything but being able to
receive guidance from the Lord. Sorry so short but I don't have
anymore time to write I will feel you all in on more details next
      I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that through his loving
atonement and the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation we will all be
given an opportunity to be saved and live with our families and our
Father in Heaven in complete joy as we follow the example of our
Savior we will be able to feel much of that joy here in this life.
Hope you all have a good wee.
Elder Espinoza
Picture at the Father's Day party with the entire district.

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